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could use more work and effort, try making it have more choices, and don't rush, take time and make it better. ;)

GREAT game im playin on a laptop so it will be AWESOME if i get the interweb back up on computer.

Zanzlanz responds:

You can download it and put it on your flash drive :)
There's a download link on my website :)

not really correct. i got 73 on this one. a 100 on another one. and a 67 on yet another quiz all the quizes where different and i think i would survive but there are alot of mean guys in my neighborhood and i think it would be easy surviving

GREAT GAME! very easy and simple. build up your sancuary as fast as you can berfore the next wave of zombies come plus i think the easyist map is atlanta. this is a great game and easy to learn. the only thing i don't get is the map editor, other then that 5/5

hint: Dodge the knife

me:nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o

hint:you suck at this game

me: you don't say

needs more work like NOW im looking for a 2d minecraft (reason is stupid) but i think yours should have more work and effort and it could be great

SlaxerNG responds:

Awww man now?!


best game ever i like the moral stuff


a zombie quiz could help a little but i know zombies as much any zombie movie person would cuz why say that i get an F when i am awesome when it comes to zombies Q1. whats the best way to kill a zombie? A make the brain unfunctional
Q2. whats the best type of group? A a group of people that know what they have to do. Q3. are you awesome with these questions A yes but it would be best if a person graded me than a computer


not only would zombies fear me but i would like a zomble apocolips cuz bro chuck norris would woop @$$

what is the Fing website

how the FUCK am i getting to a FUCKING search engeine what the BLARGH
nice game bu wy is the site bringin meh 2 a serch engine

name:Eddie likes:good video games,gym,food,family, and there she is dislikes:bad video games,ugly people such as punk and goth I make books have a great imagination and sense of humor i fight for truth, justice, and for NERDS AND GEEKS


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