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Such a nostalgia trip from when I'd watch your older animations! The humor hasn't changed either which is definitely not a bad thing in fact I appreciate it a lot! Glad to know you're still alive!

In 2009, i think? i was at my grandparents house for the summer, i was looking through NG, i would allways see the title There She Is, i would skip it, but i was SO curios (forgot how to spell -_-) so i clicked it, loved it, watched all the other ones, loved them, put a 5 all the time i saw it, and now, after 3 years, i still love the old (mini?) series! Thanks SamBakZa, for the greatest flash series ever. ^_^

Great animation. Awesome graphics and FPS. Why i have 4.5 is because there could have been atleast a backstory, making there a great plot and some twists. This is the first one ive ever seen so ill watch the other ones.

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could use more work and effort, try making it have more choices, and don't rush, take time and make it better. ;)

GREAT game im playin on a laptop so it will be AWESOME if i get the interweb back up on computer.

Zanzlanz responds:

You can download it and put it on your flash drive :)
There's a download link on my website :)

not really correct. i got 73 on this one. a 100 on another one. and a 67 on yet another quiz all the quizes where different and i think i would survive but there are alot of mean guys in my neighborhood and i think it would be easy surviving

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you don't expect anyone to like this one...? This peice was FANTASTICO. my only thing i do not like, *song ends... clicks restart.* is that the song ends so fast. this is a great peice, hope to hear more of this, you sir desirve a 5 stars ^_^

great rythym. absolutely stunning. this diserves a download ^^. how come you are not famous yet!?

Lone-X responds:

Thank you sir, I am working on getting famous at the moment LOL. I appreciate your comment!
Keep it real!

Peace and love,
Lone X

great song! its like something i would listen to all the time XD, i listen to soldier alot and this is a great piece, keep it up >)

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all in all this made me cry, but... hey wheres tord

name:Eddie likes:good video games,gym,food,family, and there she is dislikes:bad video games,ugly people such as punk and goth I make books have a great imagination and sense of humor i fight for truth, justice, and for NERDS AND GEEKS


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